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We want safer pools for our children!

We want safer pools for our children!


Why this is important

I am Odele Souza, mother of Flavia, a 26 year old young woman who has lived in a coma for 16 years since her hair was sucked into a pool drain in the apartment building pool where we lived in the neighborhood of Moema in São Paulo, Brazil.

After the accident happened to my daughter, I have verified that accidents caused by suction systems in pools continue to cause tragedies in many Brazilian states. For that reason, I created the Flavia – Living in Coma BlogSpot ( with the goal to alert people of the existing danger in pool drains.

From the time I created Flavia’s blog, there began to appear pool safety legislative Bills, but none of those bills mentioned suction in pool drains. One of those Bills was PL 7414/2010, authored by federal congressman Dr. Rosinha (PT-Paraná).

For that reason I brought together two pool safety experts and in August 2011, we went to Brasilía and hand delivered to then Rapporteur of the pool legislation, federal congressman Dr. Darcísio Perondi,(PMDB/RS), an addendum to that project, where we stated the necessity to require pools to have installed safety products to prevent pool drain suction accidents, and protective fencing with self-closing/latching gates to prevent access to pools by small children.

From August 2011 until now, two years have passed and a Federal pool safety law has not even been voted on. From December 10, 2013 to January 06, 2014, thus in less than one month, four more children were victims of pool drain suction entrapments and three of them lost their lives.

For this reason, we ask that you sign this PETITION, so that Bill PL 7414/2010, which was hand-delivered in August 2011 to Rep. Darcísio Perondi, is URGENTLY brought to vote.

Let’s make pools safer in Brazil for all our children!

Thank you very much,
Odele Souza

Posted January 12, 2014
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