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CCTV at all slaughterhouses in Europe and documentation of failure stuns

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CCTV at all slaughterhouses in Europe and documentation of failure stuns


Why this is important

Can you imagine a surgery with full consciousness, without nesthesia?
A night mare? But cruel reality for millions * of slaughter animals in Germany and across Europe!

According to the European Commission (May 2012) up to 75% of the animals experience full conscious and painful end as (!) - Usually by machine - amputated, cut, scalded, divided into parts, and - usually hanging upside down from hooks - bleed to death, excruciating pain screaming.

The main reasons are chord, unskilled workers, significant deficiencies in the stunning equipment, cost savings, revenue maximization, unrestrained greed!

These unbearable conditions present a serious breach of the German Animal Protection and Regulation Battle of the Animal Welfare Act.
Even the butchers are into unnecessary risk: hazard level 15.2!

A constant video surveillance of all animal welfare operations, especially the control of the actual act of killing is essential as well. Documentation and subsequent evaluation by neutral official veterinarians To ensure the freedom of action of the official veterinarians is essential to raise the competence of the county to the state level. And unlike in the past, violations of the law must be punished, and result in significant consequences.

Consumers have a right to learn, whether the meat purchased, possibly comes from conscious slaughtered and thus unnecessarily tortured animals. Customer-oriented and would recommend voluntary labeling (an "animal welfare label") of best slaughterhouses with a video surveillance of the type described and positive results.

With the support of this petition, you can help ensure that the alleged constraint to extreme cruelty of the area-wide soil is removed. In Britain decreed in November 2011 already half of all slaughterhouses for cattle and pigs on video system in poultry slaughterhouses, there were already 60%. Help us that the corresponding figure for Germany soon possible is 100%!

The current legislation provides for a monitoring and documentation not available:
REGULATION (EC) No 1099/2009 of 24 September 2009
on the protection of animals at the time of killing

Hardly penalties for failure stuns in slaughterhouses!


* Press release of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our contemporaries from 01.10.2010: The average German citizen eats about 150 animals per year.
The approximately 12 billion animals a year are made up of:

• 5.5 million cattle and calves
• 48.1 million pigs
• 3.8 million sheep / goats
• 970.6 million chickens
• 37.9 million ducks
• 12.8 million geese
• 47.4 million turkeys
• 11.1 billion fish

The number of land animals in the VEBU has calculated last year.
He refers particularly to sources from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. 204_2012.pdf

Posted August 14, 2012
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