Syria's children: we won't look away!

To the UN Security Council and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

As citizens of every country of the world, we call upon you to immediately commit to sending at least 3,000 international monitors to Syria with a mandate to protect civilians, and to move fast to define a political transition plan. In the wake of the vile massacre of dozens of children in Al Houla, only such a presence can prevent the killing of innocent children and families, and only an urgent plan with a clear road map can put an end to the Syrian conflict. We have a responsibility to protect the Syrian people and the world can no longer look away.
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Posted: 28 May 2012
This image taken in Al Houla, Syria on Friday may be too brutal for us to look at. I have a 5 year old daughter and I know it's only luck of birth that separates her from this horror. But my shock led me to write this today as I know there is something we can all do together to stop this.

In this image, dozens of children lie covered with blood, their faces show the fear they felt before death, and their innocent lifeless bodies reveal an unspeakable massacre. These children were slaughtered by men under strict orders to sow terror. Yet all the diplomats have come up with so far is UN monitors 'observing' the violence. Leaders across the world are condemning the killing, but unless we demand strong action now, they could just wring their hands and fall back on half measures again.

The UN is discussing what to do right now. If there was a large international presence in every region of Syria with a mandate to protect civilians -- we could prevent the massacres while the political solution is worked out. I cannot look at another of these images without shouting from the rooftops. But to stop the violence it is going to take all of us, with one voice, demanding protection for these kids and their families. Sign the petition on the right to call for UN action now and send this to everyone!

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