Stand with Anna: All eyes on Jan Lokpal

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Last week Anna Hazare led a phenomenal people-powered victory to purge India of corruption. But that was just the first step -- in just 2 days the Jan Lok Pal drafting committee will hold their first meeting -- and we need all eyes on the process. 

Anna Hazare has called for the all-important drafting meetings be videoed for all of India to see -- creating maximum transparency and accountability. This will help prevent powerful and corrupt politicians from pressing, bribing or forcing committee members into back-room tricks to weaken the bill and foil our movement.  

PM Singh has said he has no objection to transparency and the committee itself should decide. Let’s stand with Anna Hazare again, and call on the committee members to kick off on the right foot, and decide on maximum transparency for their proceedings at their first meeting. Send a message directly to committee members now using the form on the right.  

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