Save the Jan Lokpal 

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The Government is trying to kill the Jan Lokpal. Just weeks after promising the country tough new laws on corruption, they’re attempting to scuttle this once-in-a-generation opportunity by removing its most important parts -- its authority over the Prime Minister, Judiciary, and all sitting Members of Parliament. We need to act urgently to save the Jan Lokpal!

On the same day that it slashed the Lokpal’s most vital protections, the government launched a process for public input on the Lokpal. If we harness this tool to immediately flood the Ministers --with public comment demanding an effective Lokpal, --we can revive this crucial anti-corruption legislation ahead of the final scheduled committee meetings next week.

Let’s send a strong message to the Lokpal authors: don’t kill the bill. Enter your information, edit the message if you like, and hit "Send" -- it will be delivered directly to the government’s input tool and the inboxes of the Ministers drafting the Lokpal, Prime Minister Singh, and key Lokpal supporter Sonia Gandhi! Then send this action on to every friend or family member who cares about the future of India!

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