Fora Renan: the next level!

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    When the Senate opened their doors last week they were greeted by a massive banner with a clear message: 1.6 million say Fora Renan! We then wowed / stunned the Senate delivering our petition directly to Senators from five different parties in front of a wall of TV cameras. We have become Renan’s biggest fear, and now we’re taking this movement to the next level...

    Our voices have rocked Brasilia to its foundations -- we have made clear Brazilians are finished with corruption and with Renan. Now, some Senators are beginning to respond and others are running scared, and if we turn up the heat, together we can get them to abandon Renan, and win.

    Here's how we can do this together:
    • Push every Senator to abandon Renan as a threat to our democracy. Over half of our senators didn’t vote for Renan or are now afraid to admit they did. If we all write and call our Senators demanding action, we will give them a un-ignorable public mandate to block this suspected criminal. If we can get one, then two, then ten, then 30 Senators to pledge to obstruct the Senate’s business until Renan resigns, we win. This is what worked in 2007, and now we have a much stronger popular movement to push it through.
    • Show Senators most Brazilians want Renan out. Already, 1.6 million of us -- twice the number of people who actually elected him -- have called for Renan to go. But if we run opinion polls and can show that the overwhelming majority of Brazilians want Renan out, Senators, who are up for election next year, will feel even more pressure to respond.
    • Drive the Supreme Court to fast track Renan cases. Already there is a case against Renan in the Supreme Court and the Bar Association is about to present a case challenging the secret vote that elected him President as unconstitutional, and calling for it to be annulled. We cannot interfere with their deliberations, but we can demand that as these are cases of national importance they should be expedited fast and not lost in a mire of excuses and delays.
    Share your best ideas in a live brainstorm with other Avaaz members about how to get Renan out of the Senate President’s chair! And if you feel like changing any issues in your community or country, create your own petition using the Avaaz Community Petitions Site:

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