Nigeria: 5 days to make Shell pay

To all Members of the Nigerian General Assembly:

We urge you to demonstrate true leadership for environmental accountability and enforce the fine on Shell for Nigeria's worst oil spill in a decade. It's now in your hands to open up a new era of accountability and ensure that Shell's toxic legacy will be cleaned up and affected communities compensated. Only by enacting and enforcing strong policies on the ground, safety and justice can be guaranteed for the people in the Delta.
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Posted: 4 September 2012
Nigeria's Parliament has five days to enforce a 5 billion dollar fine against giant oil polluter Shell for a spill that attacked the livelihood of 31 million people -- but the company is publicly advocating against the penalty, likely using its deep connections to Nigeria's government to strangle justice. Our voices can drown out the corporate lobby and win compensation for Nigeria's people.

Despite many Shell oil disasters in Nigeria, the company has rarely been punished. This is our best chance ever to finally bring justice for Shell's trespasses. President Jonathan and top regulators are urging Parliament to approve the fine, but individual politicians are at risk of buckling to Shell's pressure.

  Let's now call on the National Assembly to hold Shell accountable, ensure compensation for the victims and show oil companies that they are not above the law. Sign the petition and forward this email from Avaaz to everyone you know -- when we reach 500,000 signers, Avaaz will fly in a people's "lobby" of fisherman, farmers and delegates from the spill-affected communities to deliver our call directly to Parliament and the local media:

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