Agcom: Say NO to Internet Censorship!

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A campaign calling on the Communications Authority to abstain from voting a regulation that would severely censor the internet, and could even lead to the closure of any foreign website without judicial review.

Posted: 28 June 2011
Our government has launched a fresh attack on our freedom to access information. In 2 days, an obscure administrative body could get huge powers to censor the internet.

The party-nominated Communications Authority is about to agree on a mechanism that could even lead to the closure of any foreign website - from Wikileaks to Youtube to Avaaz! -- if suspected of violating copyright laws. Experts are already denouncing the unconstitutionality of this regulation, but it will take an avalanche of public opposition to stop this new assault on our democratic freedoms.

There’s no time to lose. In 2 days the Authority will vote the law, and if we build a massive public outcry against internet censorship, we could tip the balance. Let’s flood the members of the Authority with messages urging them to abstain from adopting the regulation and preserve our right to access information on the Internet. Act now and forward this email to everyone!

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