Juncker, Schulz and Verhofstadt -- StopCañete!

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The pressure is working! The vote was postponed on Cañete’s nomination and now the decision to stop this crazy appointment is down to three political leaders: the President-Elect of the Commission, Mr. Juncker, and the leaders of the Social Democrats and Liberal groups, Mr Schulz and Mr Verhofstadt. Let’s flood them with messages that this appointment will harm their credibility and public reputation before this new Commission even starts! The new vote is in days -- send an urgent message straight to their inboxes now using the tool on the right.

Here are some talking points that you can use -- But remember the more personal the better:
  • As a concerned EU citizen, I urge you to reject the appointment of Miguel Arias Cañete as the next Energy and Climate Change Commissioner.
  • MEPs and EU citizens are not satisfied with his nomination due to his conflict of interests in the oil industry, and his pro-dirty energy track record as Spain's environment minister.
  • I urge you to ensure there is a full investigation into his financial disclosure specifically about his and his family's possible links to companies in tax havens.
  • Appointing Cañete to this key role threatens the EU’s credibility on climate and calls into question your leadership on this crucial issue -- he is the wrong man for the job.
  • Instead, you should give the job to a strong and independent climate champion.

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